Welcome Back, Sarah!

“Goodwill is where I belong!” Sarah Wolliver, textile hanger team lead.

After a trying and uncertain year in 2020, Sarah is thrilled to have returned to Goodwill as of March 22. During the pandemic, Sarah was eager to still work despite the enclave program being closed for safety. She secured two fast food jobs on her own, but found the environments unwelcoming and stressful.

“I was badly bullied at one place. They would constantly make fun of me for not understanding things or making mistakes. It was a bad place to work. I found another job at a sandwich place, but they let me go because I couldn’t pass their test and wouldn’t give me any help to get better,” said Sarah.

Disheartened by her experience with other employers, Sarah was one of the first members of her team back when Goodwill’s Group Supported Employment Program restarted this year.

“I was so excited to see my team again, especially Michelle (her employment skills trainer), who is always so sweet,” said Sarah.

When talking about why she likes working for Goodwill, Sarah expressed that beyond her great team she enjoys hanging and sorting clothes, the good benefits, regular hours and paid time off.

“Goodwill has been a good place for Sarah to show her best self. During Covid-19, she tried working in the food service industry. She found it very difficult, often being treated differently and with less respect. Because of Goodwill’s core values, the Midlothian Crossing Store has been a safe place for Sarah to spread her wings and fly! 

She has grown into an associate who can work in any part of the store with confidence. She loves coming to work to see her friends, whether they be enclave members, associates or management. As a skills trainer, I feel fortunate to have her on my team,” said Michelle Jones.

Sarah joined Goodwill in 2017 and proved herself to be a star associate. She is an asset not only to the Midlothian Crossing store, but the entire Goodwill organization. In 2018, Sarah became Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia’s first team lead, helping her skills trainer supervise the Group Supported Employment participants. Sarah helps to welcome her colleagues at the start of their shift, she ensures they get clocked in, and reminds them of the tasks ahead each day.

Goodwill’s Group Supported Employment Program offers a high level of training, assistance and specialized supervision to individuals who require ongoing oversight but are able to work in an integrated employment setting.

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