Forms & Policies

Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia

Goodwill Services, Inc.

Program Participant Rights

All program participants have the right to:

  • Quality services, a safe work environment and to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Have personal information handled in a confidential manner and to have Goodwill staff and others to respect their privacy.
  • Options, and to have the necessary information, and support to make informed choices regarding all aspects of their lives.
  • Participate in the service planning process by providing input, asking questions, making desires, preferences known, stating goals desired, and providing feedback regarding delivered services.
  • Have access to important information in a reasonable time frame to help in decision making.
  • To a written individualized service plan.
  • Be informed of the agency’s grievance procedure, the process for filing a complaint, the availability of advocates or other assistance and the appeal process.
  • Be free from abuse, financial exploitation, retaliation, humiliation and neglect.
  • Informed consent or refusal or expression of choice regarding service delivery, release of information, concurrent services, make up of the service delivery team, and involvement in research projects.
  • Have access or referral to legal entities for appropriate representation.
  • Have access to self-help and advocacy support services.
  • Have alleged infringement of rights investigated and resolved.
  • Adherence to research guidelines and ethics by all parties when persons served are involved.
  • Other legal rights in addition to those listed above.

Program/Service Reentry Policy

It is the policy of Goodwill Industries serving Central Virginia and Hampton Roads (Goodwill) is to provide opportunities for persons placed in competitive employment or other employment services to return to Goodwill’s services if job loss occurs within 60 days, and the following conditions exist:

  • At the time of program/service exit the person demonstrated work habits, job skills and interpersonal skills indicative of successful employment.
  • Goodwill is committed to working with any individual who desires assistance. The staff recognizes that a number of circumstances can result in job loss. Although we believe it is our role to be available to persons long after program/service exit, the intent of this policy is to address those persons who are impacted by loss of employment or employment services within 60 days of program/service exit.

If the person left a funded service and desires to return to this service, Goodwill staff will initiate contact with the referral and/or funding source to facilitate this process. When a return to funded services is not an option, Goodwill will provide other services designed to meet the needs of the program participant while appropriate employment or other services are developed. Services provided on an interim basis may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Skill training
  • Job retention sessions (individual or group)
  • Employment Center Services
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Community access activities
  • Volunteer experiences

Access to Records

It is the policy of Goodwill Industries serving Central Virginia and Hampton Roads (Goodwill) to maintain records in a locked area, to limit access to authorized personnel in accordance with established procedures, and to provide program participants with access to their records in accordance with established procedures. All personnel who handle program participant information are required to follow the principles of confidentiality. It is also the policy of Goodwill to dispose of all program participant-related information by shredding. Access to a program participant record will be limited to the professional staff assigned to work with the program participant, the program supervisor, department management team and the President/CEO.

The Fileroom Coordinator and all Vocational Services Staff have the responsibility for managing the records room, and for insuring that security and confidentiality are maintained. There will be a sign out/sign in system to maintain a current inventory of all records. Filing and the set up of case records are to be handled in a manner that does not sacrifice security or confidentiality. Materials are to be filed promptly, and only personnel assigned to the records room are authorized to move information in the record, or to remove information from the record as directed by the Department Director.

Records must be returned to the records room prior to the close of business on the same day the record was signed out. Under no circumstances are records to be kept overnight.

If a program participant desires to read and review his/her record, the assigned Goodwill of Central Virginia staff person should accompany the program participant to the records room, and both parties should sign out the record. The Goodwill of Central Virginia staff person (counselor, case manager, job coach, employment specialist, etc.) should remain with the program participant during the record review, and make sure that the program participant does not have access to third party information unless written permission from the third party has been obtained.

Notice of ADA Compliance

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Goodwill Industries will make available reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities who wish to participate in workshops open to the general public. Notification of seven business days prior to the event will be needed to make arrangements to provide reasonable accommodations. Contact our main office with your request. Please include the requested accommodation and your contact information.

Telephone # (804) 745-6300 in Central Virginia or (757) 248-9405 in Hampton Roads