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With more than 2,000 items added to each sales floor daily, there’s always a treasure in store.

hampton retail floor wide angle

Goodwill is a great place to find affordable clothing and unique items.  Each retail location offers its own special selection of goods because the donations to each store come from surrounding neighborhoods.

Thousands of new items daily

We rotate our selection each week, adding more than 2,000 items to each sales floor daily – leading many of our shoppers to visit stores several times a week.  We also offer our “Color Of The Week” sales, where items marked a certain color each week are priced 50% off.

Environmental (and community) friendly

Shopping Goodwill helps keep over 40 million pounds of household items out of area landfills every year.  But your purchases do more than just protect our planet – they’re putting thousands of job seekers on pathways to opportunities and success each year.

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