Supported Employment

Goodwill’s supported employment program provides job training and supports to prepare individuals and help them transition to competitive employment.

Goodwill’s supported employment program assists individuals with disabilities with the necessary job preparation and supports to transition to competitive employment and remain successfully employed. The program provides an intense level of job development, job placement, job coaching, intervention and overall assistance to individuals who will benefit from ongoing staff involvement.

Goodwill provides two models of supported employment: the individual supported model and the group supported model.

Individual Supported Employment

 Participants work with a Goodwill Employment Specialist to develop an individualized service plan and an appropriate job search with the goal of obtaining a job at a community employment site. The service plan includes:

  • Job analysis and task analysis
  • Hands-on training at a work site
  • Monitoring the participant’s home and work environment to ensure job retention
  • Partnering with agencies on the local and state level for referral services
  • Ongoing follow-along services

The expected outcome is the participant learning job skills and demonstrating success and long-term stability in the work environment.

Group Supported Employment

Goodwill’s Group Supported Employment program offers a high level of training, assistance and specialized supervision to individuals who require ongoing supervision but are able to work in an integrated employment setting.

A group of participants (maximum of 8) with similar work interests work side-by-side with a Goodwill Employment Specialist, who provides assistance and guidance in completing job-related tasks and setting and achieving long-term goals.

Services and programs that are not vocational but that must be in place for these individuals to maintain employment are typically provided by referral sources. These services may include coordinating, linking and monitoring residential, transportation, legal, medical, financial and mental health needs.

The expected outcome is the participant demonstrating interests and abilities to move to competitive employment or be placed in another group site or program.

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