Give a Gift

When you donate to Goodwill your donations really do change lives. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Throughout central and coastal Virginia, thousands of individuals who want to be employed do not have jobs.  Many face obstacles such as lack of education, skills, transportation or childcare.  Others have disabilities, histories of incarceration, or limited work experience.

Goodwill plays a leading role in breaking through these obstacles and connecting individuals to jobs. Our mission is to create pathways to opportunities and success for job seekers facing challenges to work.

Your philanthropic support is critical to:

  • Serve people who have challenges securing or retaining employment
  • Connect job seekers with prospective employers
  • Develop new partnerships and solutions to meet community and employer needs
  • Expand and replicate successful programs that lead to good jobs
  • Strengthen families and help communities prosper

Thanks to support of donors, shoppers and partners, Goodwill served nearly 8.500 individuals in 2017, and connected them with more than 1,100 employers.  The lives of thousands of individuals in need in your community are better because of you.  

Please make a gift today.
Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia ia a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your financial and material donations are tax deductible.