E-Recycle Stores

High-quality, secure computers and electronics at affordable prices.

Used DVDs and electronics at Goodwill's E-recycle and computer store

Our E-Recycle stores in Richmond and Hampton carry a variety of electronic devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads, LCD flat-screen televisions, smartphones, gaming consoles and video games.  Every donated device goes through five-day refurbishment process before making it to the sales floor.

Our level of commitment to security sets us apart from other refurbishment retailers.  Our E-Recycle stores use a U.S. Department of Defense-grade program on all donated devices to clean hard drives and erase personal and sensitive information.  Shoppers also enjoy a one-time courtesy virus wipe.  If any device purchased from Goodwill gets a virus, Goodwill will wipe it and reinstall the operating system software at no cost.

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Goodwill also has a partnership with Dell Inc. for its nationwide Reconnect program.  Dell takes donated electronics that cannot be refurbished and safely breaks down the devices, protecting the environment from potentially harmful metals and chemicals.

Find out more about how you can donate electronics, whether as an individual or as a business:

Donating Electronics at Goodwill