Randall posing in front of van.

From Temp to Team Member: Associate Finds His Niche with Goodwill


Randall Merriweather, Jr. is a facilities maintenance technician at Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia. He worked in several departments before finding his niche in facilities, ensuring Goodwill properties are safe and secure for associates and customers.

Here’s more on Randall’s journey to Goodwill, what he believes is his best quality and which superhero he would chose in the battle of Superman versus Batman.

When did you start working at Goodwill?

“I came to Goodwill almost four years ago as a temp from Labor Ready. My background was in labor, demolition and restoration work.

What was your first position at Goodwill?

“The temp agency sent me to Goodwill for a day shift as a clothes baler and told me to call them at lunchtime if I wanted to stay. After a week, I got a permanent job ticket, which meant I went to Goodwill for work every day. After being a temporary employee for a few months, Goodwill hired me as a permanent associate with the organization.”








What does your current job mean to the organization?

“I help maintain Goodwill’s stores and ADCs on the Southside of Hampton Roads. I take care of everything, from the floor to the ceiling. If something breaks or is not working, they call me.

I believe facilities is key to the organization running smoothly. If the bay doors don’t open, the trucks can’t unload goods. If the lights don’t come on, we can’t open stores. I enjoy being able to help the organization fix problems and come up with innovative solutions.”








What was your first experience in having more opportunities within the organization?

“I was a clothes baler for a while when my supervisor noticed my speed and moved me to transportation. I went to the attended donation centers (ADC) and loaded donations into trucks. I was with transportation for eight months when my supervisor asked if I wanted to apply for a position with facilities maintenance. I thought it was a great opportunity to learn new things and bring the best out of myself.”








What motivates you the most about working for Goodwill?

“I like the diversity of the associates. Goodwill gives people a chance that other organizations may not; this is a truly equal opportunity employer. Goodwill gave me an opportunity as a temporary employee. Now, I can take care of my family. I pride myself on being a loyal person.

My journey also shows the growth opportunities associates can have with the organization. Goodwill offers training classes that can help you gain knowledge for new positions and move up the jobs ladder. Associates are set up for success. I want people to know there is something out there for everyone. This is the ‘something’ for me.”

Thoughts on Randall:

“Randall has a big thirst for knowledge and a strong work ethic. I’ve watched him make vast improvements on our facilities and maintain great relationships among his stores. He is a testament to how an associate can work in different departments and learn and master new skills. His journey shows the growth opportunities we offer at Goodwill.”

Roosevelt Grandberry, Regional Facilities Manager for the Hampton Roads region