After Overcoming Personal Barriers, Moody Joined Goodwill to Give Back to Those Facing Similar Challenges 

When Dorenzo Cyril Moody began working at Goodwill in 2014, the organization’s mission of changing lives…helping people help themselves through the power of work resonated strongly with him.  “I was amazed that there was an organization that had a mission statement that I believed in,” said Moody. “My personal mission was similar to what I saw at Goodwill, that work gives purpose to your life.”

In his five-year tenure, Moody has provided career development services for job seekers, and recently transitioned to become a success coach.  In the new role, Moody supports individuals after they are placed into employment to help them overcome obstacles – personal or professional — that may jeopardize their employment stability.  His peer-to-peer style support enables him to connect with participants, foster a positive attitude and put people in touch with resources they may need to develop sustainable, long-term change in their lives.

“Working for Goodwill allows me to target what I consider to be three main barriers that most people face at some point in their life: Employment, the lack of or need of; transportation, which is a big deal; and lastly, a place to live.  I’ve overcome those challenges in my life, so I’m able to give back now.”

Moody suffered from depression in his late-20s, leading to an eight-year battle with homelessness.  A manager who took a chance on him enabled Moody to take the first steps to rebuilding his life after he hit rock bottom.  Now, Moody uses his experience to remain humble in his work, build trust with the participants in his case load and help them break down their barriers to success into manageable steps.

Moody has helped many people at Goodwill, but one individual stands out to him.  A job seeker asked for Moody by name at Goodwill, stating that he had been given his information while incarcerated and was encouraged to reach out for help.  After 35 years in prison, the man was struggling to find work, write a resume or even use the iPhone he now owned.  Starting with a positive mindset, Moody assured the individual that they would “figure it out.”  After working through a career plan and redeveloping his resume together, they found another manager ready to take a chance on someone trying hard to rebuild his life through the power of work.

Philanthropic support helps Goodwill provide intensive, one-on-one services from dedicated success coaches like Moody to help people secure and maintain employment. We welcome your support.