Spooky Halloween Décor at Goodwill

If we are “creeping” it real, it is not ideal to spend a lot of money on Halloween décor, especially when the two biggest holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) are right around the corner. If you’re struggling to find affordable spooky decorations, Goodwill is the perfect one-stop-shop for all things DIY from pumpkins, outdoor cemetery pieces, ghosts, webs, spiders and more. Allow us to inspire you with a few eerily inspiring ideas for your home or office!


The go-to Halloween décor item is, of course, pumpkins! Pumpkins are great to decorate for Halloween because you can easily leave them up for the remainder of the fall season. At Goodwill, you’ll find no shortage of pumpkin variations for décor, DIY projects, styled photoshoots and more. You can buy them in different colors, patterns and textures to add variety throughout your home. Get creative when decorating your pumpkins by using materials that you already have lying around the house, such as paint, Sharpies, colored pens, ribbons and craft supplies like googly eyes.

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Designing an outdoor cemetery is a classic scary Halloween decoration idea. Pick out secondhand items from Goodwill that will help transform your front or backyard into a creepy cemetery that will be sure to get the neighbors talking. Look for polyfoam tombstones, scary dolls in the kids’ section, skeleton bones and more to bring your idea to life.


We can’t forget about the classic ghost this Halloween season! Find inexpensive pieces at Goodwill to create a variety of ghost-themed décor.

Check out these creative ideas to incorporate ghosts to your décor with Goodwill finds:


Almost anything from Goodwill can be transformed for the Halloween season with a little bit of black paint from the hardware store. Shop Goodwill’s aisles for a variety of options such as books, teapots, frames, décor pieces and more.

A few examples of the magic that can be created with black paint:

Goodwill is the perfect place to get your creativity pumping, and Halloween is the ideal season to get started while saving a buck and giving back to the community.