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Goodwill Recognizes Mission Button Contest Winner

Danielle Dooley holds her winning button design on the sales floor of the Mechanicsville Goodwill Retail Store.

When it comes to sketching, Goodwill retail associate Danielle Dooley prefers the classics: crayons and markers. “I’ve been drawing since I was three years old, as soon as I could pick up a pencil,” she said. Dooley put her artistic skills to use when she participated in Goodwill’s annual Mission Month Button Design Challenge.

Dooley had a lot of inspiration for her design, after six years working at Goodwill’s Mechanicsville retail store. “I like seeing the customers happy with the quality of the items we put out and knowing their money helps us help people find jobs,” said Dooley. She thought about the journey donations take from their owners to the retail stores, so she thought of a car and road signs. “I started making a lot of sketches to incorporate things you’d see on a road,” Dooley said. Her sketches included signs that pointed a driver in a Goodwill vehicle towards a “highway to success,” a “route to work,” and a command to “yield to learn.”

Dooley’s winning button will be worn by Goodwill associates across central and coastal Virginia this November.

Dooley’s winning design is now an official button that will be worn by Goodwill associates throughout the organization during November. Its purpose is to inspire action from customers to learn more about Goodwill’s mission.

When asked how she felt when she found out she won the contest, Dooley said, “I worked really hard and I’m happy people get to see and wear something that I created.”