Hampton tour group.

Goodwill Hosts Leadership Metro Richmond Off The Cuff Luncheon

A group of members from Leadership Metro Richmond (LMR) spent their lunch hour on a Goodwill Works tour at Goodwill’s Richmond Support Center on September 17. The tour provided LMR members with a behind the scenes look at Goodwill’s donated goods production area and a thorough explanation on how Goodwill’s social enterprise operations fund the organization’s workforce development services.

LMR is a community leadership development and engagement organization with a mission to connect and educate diverse groups of community leaders, inspiring them to serve the greater Richmond region. “The Goodwill tour was an eye-opening experience. I didn’t know about the job services it provides,” said Grace Washington, an LMR member.

Other members had similar realizations once they learned how Goodwill uses revenue from its social enterprise to fund training and education programs for job seekers. LMR member Sandee Smith welcomed the opportunity to expand her knowledge on local workforce development efforts. “It gave me more information on how to talk about Goodwill. I also didn’t know Goodwill had an outlet store in Richmond. That’s a great conversation piece,” Smith said.

The tour was part of LMR’s “Off The Cuff” program, which offers members impromptu learning and networking experiences at distinctive locations throughout the Richmond region. “We wanted to offer something special to our members, and Goodwill provided that opportunity” said Patricia Bradby, LMR’s communications and events manager. “I was floored at the amount of services Goodwill provides. There is so much more to the organization than its retail stores,” Bradby said,

Goodwill offers tours at both its Richmond and Hampton Support Centers. To RSVP or for more information, click here.