As Students Go Back To School, Get The Training You Need At Goodwill

Back-to-school season has arrived! Even if you aren’t sharpening your pencils and packing your backpack for your first day, you can still find learning opportunities at Goodwill. If you’re looking for a career transition, Goodwill offers numerous training programs to help individuals develop skills and prepare for success in a new career path within or beyond our organization.

Unfortunately, many individuals seeking new career opportunities do not possess the resources to step away from the workforce to invest in professional development. The need to earn an income often leaves individuals stuck in low-paying positions and unable to take advantage of opportunities for training that can lead to career advancement. That is why Goodwill’s Begin@Home model is designed to meet individuals where they are at by providing a structured environment for our associates that integrates on-the-job training with a regular paycheck. At Goodwill, our associates learn while they earn.

Instead of going back to school, Goodwill invites you to StartFresh with the first training component of the Begin@Home program. StartFresh is designed to teach our associates how to own their future by setting and attaining personal and professional SMART goals while learning the essentials of professional and positive customer service.

The next step is Grow@Home, where associates can work with a career advisor once a week for up to 12 weeks to identify interest areas and career goals. Through these sessions, associates receive guidance on career planning, resumé assistance and interview preparation, follow-up and support and job shadowing opportunities. Once associates finish the Grow@Home course, career advisors continue to work with associates to ensure they remain on track to meet their goals.

GoodWORK is the next training course that associates will take on. This module focuses on developing professional skills for any role in any industry. Training includes workplace soft skills, values-based leadership, teamwork best practices and continued career planning and professional goal setting.

Learning doesn’t have to stop once you leave the classroom! These are just a few of the opportunities that Goodwill offers for vocational training. If you have goals that you don’t know how to reach, Goodwill offers resources that can help you begin your journey. Join our team to take your first step today.