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Help individuals in our community rebuild their lives through the power of work. Give now to help a job seeker in crisis.

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En toda la zona central y costera de Virginia, miles de personas que desean trabajar no tienen trabajo.  Some face obstacles such as lack of education, skills, transportation or childcare. Others have disabilities, histories of incarceration, language barriers, or limited exposure to workforce opportunities as a result of generational poverty.

Necesitamos tu ayuda to break through these challenges and provide the training and support they need.  Your investment in Goodwill empowers individuals, strengthens families and creates prosperous communities. 

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Before Goodwill, I was unemployed, lacking confidence, and feeling stuck and hopeless. I needed a job, but Goodwill gave me a future!

I was drifting aimlessly and desperate for a job before being hired at a Goodwill store, where I was encouraged to build my skills to advance into a career path.

I enrolled in Goodwill’s Begin@Home program and was partnered with a personal Career Advisor. Together we identified my professional and personal goals, developing action steps to move forward. I was able to job-shadow, join a cross-functional team, and strengthen my social skills!

I have Goodwill to thank for many of my new skills, confidence, and opportunities ahead. But many others in our community still need help developing their skills, getting employed, and building self-sufficiency. Your urgent help is needed more than ever!

You can help change a life like mine – donate today! With your gift to Goodwill, you help open doors to brighter, more hopeful futures for job-seekers like Ty.

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Your support today means more individuals are empowered to help themselves, their families and their communities tomorrow. 

Please consider a regalo to the Goodwill Annual Fund. Your support provides job seekers like Jerlene with the resources and encouragement they need to secure employment and strengthen their families. Please give today.” 

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