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When you make a gift to Goodwill, you help create new beginnings for people in our community. Thank you for supporting our mission.

En todo el centro y la costa de Virginia, más de 36,000 personas que desean trabajar no tienen trabajo.  Many face obstacles such as lack of education, skills, transportation or childcare. Others have disabilities, histories of incarceration, language barriers, or limited exposure to workforce opportunities as a result of generational poverty.

Necesitamos tu ayuda to break through these challenges and provide the training and support they need.  Your investment in Goodwill empowers individuals, strengthens families and creates prosperous communities.   

Take Sharifi, who emigrated from Afghanistan to the United States in 2015 with his wife and five children. Sharifi speaks six languages and served as a translator for the U.S. armed forces, which gave him access to a special visa and a pathway to citizenship. Despite his education and experience, Sharifi found the employment terrain difficult to navigate in the U.S. 

With a family to support, Sharifi did what so many in his situation have to do: he took a low-wage, low-skill job to pay the bills. He worked his way into a higher-skill job but with no benefits. In 2018 his fortitude paid off when Goodwill hired Sharifi for a full time position–with benefits–providing workforce services for refugee and immigrant job seekers. 

At Goodwill, he serves individuals who are learning English in the Transition to Independence and Employment job-readiness program. His work, however, goes far beyond teaching English. Sharifi wants the program’s participants to enjoy the same kind of success he has enjoyed in America. 

“Refugees and immigrants face many challenges to employment,” explains Sharifi. “They need help with driver’s licenses, computer usage, job applications and completing paperwork once they have been offered employment. Like me, they are determined to learn the culture, pay their bills and contribute to their communities.”

“This country embraces us, and I thank God every day for my job with Goodwill,” says Sharifi. “Together we help people who are truly in need.”

Please consider a gift to the Goodwill 2020 Annual Fund. Every regalo is vital and appreciated. With your support, Goodwill’s career advisors and trainers, like Sharifi, can give job seekers the resources and encouragement they need to secure employment and strengthen their families. Please give today.

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