Goodwill Ambassador Resources

It’s that time of year again… social media posts circulate around the end of year with a false rumor about “CEO” Mark Curran. With your help we hope to jump on this full force and debunk this myth so it won’t be around for year 15.  You read that correctly – this internet rumor has been around for that long!

What we need from you:

We need your help to be our eyes and ears if you see this image floating around social media (predominantly Facebook): IT IS FALSE.

We’ve created the following images for you to share in response to posts you may see that share this false information.

(To save the images, push down on the image and select “Add to Photos” (on iPhone) or “Download” (on Android), then share as needed on your own social media channels.)

Q1: Is Goodwill a for-profit Company?


Q2: Where does the money go?



Q3: Does the CEO earn millions?




Q4: Do you pay people less than minimum wage? 

(Image Coming Soon)

Q5: Who is Mark Curran?



Q6: What do you do with the unsold items?



Q7: “But Unemployment is so low”