Goodwill subscribes to the concept of Values-Based Leadership, and all leaders and managers go through the VBL program designed by InnerWill.  The tenets of VBL closely align with Goodwill’s core values of respect, integrity, teamwork, commitment, learning and innovation.

Visitors to Goodwill will often comment that they see the values-based culture in action as we strive to do the right thing, assume positive intent, and meet people where they are developmentally.

Executive Team

Directors Team

  • Cathy Stark
    Director, Business Development

  • Lauren Edwards

  • Antonio Pride
    Director, Logistics

  • Bill Forbes
    Director, Assets Protection

  • Edith Schinkel
    Director, Post Retail Operations

  • Kimberly Separ
    Director, Resource Development

  • Martha Murdock
    Director, Retail Operations

  • Shawn Smith
    Director, Community Workforce

  • Steve Huyck
    Director, Government Contracts