Welcome Home Essentials for Military Men and Women

By Megan Wilson on Jul 17, 2017

Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia has been providing jobs, training programs and other services to help men and women get back to work for more than 90 years.  Many of the people we serve are veterans like Daniel Haddock. We understand that returning home after months or years of service out of state or out of the country can be challenging for any family. There are many ways to help make the transition easier when you welcome home your military partner. Start by creating a warm and welcoming home environment.

Here are five ways to add warmth to your home:

warm home decor

Soft Textures

Anyone will feel more at ease thanks to cozy and comfy textures. There are plenty of opportunities to add soft textures throughout the home. Start with your bedroom. Here, you can add a shag carpet to the foot of your bed. When your military spouse wakes up in the morning, their feet will be greeted with the inviting texture of the blanket. Add more comfort with soft, fleece blankets and fuzzy pillows. They’ll make every nook relaxing and inviting.

goodwill blanket

Warm Scents

It’s no secret that scents and smells can have a  large impact on our mood and overall sense of well being. What scent makes you feel relaxed the most? That is likely a good sign of what your veteran will love when they return home. Think about warm cinnamon scents, nature-inspired fragrances, and lavender infused candles. Goodwill stores often carry a variety of candles to choose from. Have even more fun by finding jars and other containers to place your candles in.

Mood Lighting

Dark rooms and corners are never inviting. Adding a lamp or two to every room in your home will make you never want to leave. Lamps of all sizes can be found at our Goodwill stores. Place a floor lamp in the corner of your hallway so it’s never dark at night. Place one in the corner of your living room to create a separate reading nook. Keep one by your dinner table for more romantic and intimate meals. Mix and match bases and shades you find at your local Goodwill to add unique colors and patterns to your home.


Warm Colors

Colors can be categorized into warm and cool categories.  Cooler colors including blue, purple and dark green can visually enhance a room, but warmer tones such as coral, brown, yellow and red can make a space feel more compact and therefore, more inviting. Add warmer colors to your home with throw pillows, paintings, rugs, and throw blankets before your military partner returns home. To make decorating easy, pick two or three colors to primarily decorate with in each room. Keep the rest of your furniture and decor colors neutral.

Some Laid Back Tunes

Nothing taps into our favorite nostalgic feelings more than music. Goodwill stores often carry extensive collections of records and you might even find a working record player! If you have a record player at home already, go on a treasure hunt for your partner’s favorite bands. Select music that will conjure memories from your favorite moments like your first date, that really fun family reunion, or your last vacation. Keep the tunes playing as often as possible…

Ready to start making your home more comfortable? Find your Goodwill today.


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