Creative Glassware Crafts with Goodwill Finds

By Laura Faison on Mar 10, 2015



All this awesome glassware for $10 at local Goodwill stores!

I picked up a few pieces of glassware at area Goodwill stores over the last week or so, including a cool Mason jar, a square vase, a taller milk jug style vase, a simple cylindrical vase and an awesome (and heavy!) bottle that I’m pretty sure was a decanter or liquor bottle of some type, although the lid was missing.  Total paid for all of these pieces?  Wait for it – a whopping $10.  (In doing a little research, the Mason jar alone can go anywhere from $3-$10 in other places based on its size and age!)

Ok, so now I have a dining room table full of glassware.  What’s next?  Trusty Pinterest app at hand I started compiling my list of supplies and came up with the following ideas to try out:

Supplies in hand, I spent Saturday and Sunday taping, spraying, and dipping until my little heart was content!  Here’s a quick review of how things turned out:

  • Striped Gold Spray Painted Vase: SUPER easy, quick, and I love how it turned out.  Hardest part was making sure my tape lined up all the way around.   Simply apply painters tape in any design you like, spray with two to three coats of paint letting each coat dry in between.  Wait an hour or so, then peel off your tape and voila – this little cutey now holds my makeup brushes in style!
  • Glitter Dipped Mason Jar: Sadly, this was my least favorite of the end results.  It could have been the glitter I used, but to me it just looked “chunky” and not as girly as I’d hoped.  The glitter is still a bit loose, too, so I’m planning to spray over it with a clear coat to see if that

    Yes, that’s a glass of wine in the background. Modge Podge and glitter made that a necessity.

    makes it stay put a little better.  In any case, it would be really cute for a wedding or party!  It was an easy enough project – simply spray the entire jar (upside down was easiest) with a metallic spray paint and let it dry.  An hour or so later, gently apply a piece of painters tape around the jar at whatever level you’d like for your glitter to stop.  Below that line, apply a thin coat of Modge Podge a section at a time, then sprinkle liberally with glitter over a paper plate or paper towels (something disposable!).  Continue this around the entire base and let dry, upside down, for a bit before removing the painters tape.

  • Mercury Glass: It’s hard to control my

    Super easy supplies for mercury glass look.

    excitement over how well these pieces turned out.  By far the easiest and most foolproof of the glassware projects, these turned out absolutely gorgeous and I would make them again in a heartbeat!   If you aren’t familiar with mercury glass, it’s crazy expensive – check out this listing I just found for bottles similar to one I painted!  While the spraypaint (mirror effect or looking glass) for these was a bit more expensive than traditional spray paint (around $10/can), that’s really the only supply you


    These little beauties just sparkled in the sun!

    need to purchase.  The only other supplies needed are a spray bottle and an equal mix of water and white vinegar.  Simply spray your glass with a mist of water/vinegar (it will bead up and stay on the glass – this is what you want!)  Then spray your piece with a coat of the mirror spraypaint, let dry a bit, then apply another coat.  The look you’re going for is bubbly/inconsistent and rather opaque.  If you spray these outside, they’ll look much lighter than they actually turn out.  But in the end, you can’t really mess these up!


    Squeal!! The finished look of these was better than I expected!

Ahhh, Goodwill finds and DIY projects – they really are the perfect match.  These projects only scratched the surface of the creative binge I went on this past weekend, so stay tuned in the coming weeks when I share how I updated a pair of buffet lamps, some old mirrors, and used some household “staples” to create fantastic décor!

Are you inspired yet?  For more ideas, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards and we’d love to hear about your Goodwill DIY projects in the comments below!



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