Celebrate Work.

Labor Day has long been known as a day for sleeping in and cooking out.

A reward for working 40 hours – or more – every week for many years or just a few days.

An official one-day vacation at the unofficial end of summer.

It’s also a time to say thank you. Goodwill has been preparing individuals for work since 1923, and as the leaders in community workforce, we’re excited to lead the effort in celebrating work.

Be sure to stop and say “thank you” – to your coworkers or employees who don’t have the day off.  To bosses and strangers, and to those working to discover how they fit in the workforce.

Let’s celebrate together.  Today.  Labor Day.  Every day.

Goodwill understands the power of working. Click below to start celebrating work…

8 Great Ways To Thank The Workforce This Labor Day



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