Our Favorite Snowed In Activities

By Laura Faison on Jan 19, 2016


1. Puzzles! Even at 30 this is one of my family’s favorite actives when my Mother and Brother come to visit. We set up a table in front of the fireplace and sit for hours putting one together.

2. Audio books.  My Audible account allows me to read (listen) to more books than ever before.  It’s also great when you have a day snowed in at home.  Gather the family together and listen to a book that you’ve all wanted to read.

3. Read together.  Maybe reading as a family is more your style but you never picked up that book you all wanted to read from the store before the snow started!  Even if you don’t have a kindle, Amazon will allow you to download a book to your computer, IPhone, or a variety of other devices.  Have everyone take turns reading a chapter!

4. Spa Day! Man, woman, or child; we all enjoy a little pampering.  As a subscriber of Birchbox, I get great samples that I don’t always use.  A snowed in day is perfect to do a little pampering.  Whether it’s giving yourself a pedicure or a relaxing spa bath, take the day to do a little something relaxing.

5. Catch up with relatives.  Haven’t talked to your parents in a while?  Maybe the kids haven’t skyped with Grandma and Grandpa for a few weeks.  Take the time to make their day and reach out to a family member or friend.

6. Try a new recipeThis might require a little prep before the snow comes to make sure you have the ingredients you need.  I received a Macaroon kit for Christmas and plan on trying my best to make an edible macaroon on my next snow day.

7. Fort Movie.  Really this one is for the kids but I have to admit that I might try this myself.  Build a fort in your living room with blankets, cushions, and pillows.  Set up a lap top inside the tent, pop some popcorn, and cuddle up for a movie!

8. Board games! Make a run to your local Goodwill store and pick up a series of board games (before the snow).  My family LOVES playing board games.  If you have older children or maybe it’s just the two of you, it’s the perfect time to play one of those long strategic games like Risk or Monopoly that may take too long to play in a regular evening.  Or if you have a deck of cards lying around teach your family a new game!

9. Do some redecorating.  This is the perfect time to rearrange that room that you’ve never really liked.  Spend some time trying all those ideas you’ve seen on TV and in magazines. Once you’ve put the furniture how you like, take some time on Pinterest to find new décor or DIY projects for your newly arranged room.

10. Get out in the snow! Bundle everybody up and get outside! Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or bring a little bit of snow inside to have snow cream later.  Once everyone is good and frozen bring the family in for a little hot chocolate and just enjoy each other’s company.

What are you favorite snow day activities?  Tell us about them below!


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