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Josh’s Story #7Stories7Days

By Laura Faison on May 02, 2016



At a young age Josh lost his mother. He was raised by his Grandmother until her death, at which point he moved to a group home with Community Services of Virginia. Joshua says,” I am sad sometimes because I don’t have any family”. Prior to his employment at Goodwill, Joshua worked at a company but says he did not have a positive experience. Eventually he found his way to Goodwill thanks to his residential staff members and case manager.

Today, Joshua is a team member in one of Goodwill’s Virginia Beach retail stores and participates in Goodwill’s Enclave program. Working with a group of individuals who have a range of disabilities, the Enclave program provides a skills trainer who works intensively with participants to help them build the skills and endurance they need to be part of the workforce long-term. The program also provides a wage and sense of belonging that Joshua might otherwise not experience.

In his more than 5 years at Goodwill, Joshua has learned several vital life and work skills. He continues to be the epitome of Goodwill’s mission….helping people help themselves through the power of work. If you were to ask his co-workers about Joshua they would tell you about his enthusiasm and love for helping others.

Your continued support of Goodwill gave Josh an opportunity to give his life meaning and hope.



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