How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Derby Brackett on Apr 15, 2015

Spring-has-sprungSpring is here- I love the weather and the rebirth of all things green. All things but my thumb that is. Unfortunately, I probably have less gardening sense than the rabbits that are constantly foraging through my neighbor’s vegetable garden.

But I do have smart friends including Maggie. In addition to being the best car salesperson full-time, Maggie is an expert gardener and landscape creator part-time. Give her a trowel and a hose and she can transform everyday shrubbery into magic. She is my Martha Stewart of lawn and garden care.
So what are Maggie’s top tips to manage spring and all things green?

  1. Keep a year-long garden journal. List things like climate, date of last frost, key rainfall amounts, and when, where and what you planted. Note how they did and what soil additives you used in case you need to transplant in the fall. A garden journal takes some dedication, but allows you to document what you’ve learned as you go. Click here to get started.IMG_05851copy
  2. Map where perennials are planted (just like a treasure hunt) so when they disappear, you will know where to find them if you plan on adding to that bed. In winter, you can lay out your plans and diagrams for new beds.Perennials2
  3. The best lawns know the secret- lime,lime,lime- three times a year. (Not to be confused with the limes in my mojitos…)lime
  4. Always cut the grass on the high side and do not bag clippings- it is like free fertilizer. Now that’s a tip all frugal moms will like.wright-commercial-mowers-grass-clippings-300x199
  5. Keep a good edge on the beds- it keeps the weeds out. Not to mention that it defines a well-kept yard- one that will be the envy of the neighborhood! If you are unsure of how to edge the bed in the best shape, lay a garden hose out to see the shape and follow its line. That’s easy- just like tracing on paper.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So armed with these five easy tips, anyone can create that spring garden- even me. And with the green, you get lots of yellows, lilacs, whites, reds, and oranges too. So get out there- have some fun in the sun and get dirty. Earthworms dig it.


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