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By Laura Faison on Oct 12, 2015

Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday to decorate the house.  Just ask my 5 huge tubs of  Halloween and Fall decorations.  However, you don’t have to be a connoisseur of Halloween décor or even spend a lot of time making your own decorations to make your Halloween party a Spookacular success!  You can find all the ideas below and more on our Halloween Pinterest board!

Give your beverage containers a little flair. 

This is a quick and easy way to add some fun to your bar!

  1. Take empty wine bottles or any other container and peel the labels off
  2. Print some fun labels like the one’s pictured from
  3. Glue them on the empty bottle and pour your drink choice intot he container
  4. Use a black light on your bar to make the labels glow in the dark! (you can find small battery operated ones at the target $1 section)


Don’t use an ordinary ice bucket.

  1. Cut a pumpkin in half
  2. Carve out the insides
  3. Place a bow inside the pumpkin
  4. Fill with ice!



You don’t have to spend a ton to make your food table look fabulous.  Go to Goodwill and pick up a tall vase (if you don’t already have one) and fill it with candy corn.  Another idea is to take those empty wine bottles and spray paint them to look like candy corn.  Quick and easy way to decorate!

Picture3  Picture4

Give your house a haunted feel!

If you are a big DIYer there are so many things you can do.  DIY and crafting not your thing? Throwing white sheets over your furniture will automatically give your home a more haunted feel.  Plus it’ll protect your furniture from spills during the party!

Packages of spider webs are relatively cheap ( check your local Goodwill for an even better price!) Throw them over your light fixtures, picture frames, and door frames to give your house a truly spooky feel!

Picture5 Picture6

Buy lots of black construction paper!

Cut out bat shapes and put them behind your lamp shade for a cool shadow effect.  Or cut out larger items and tape them to the windows to give your guests a fright before they even enter your home.

Picture7 Picture8


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