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Five Spring Decor Ideas for your Goodwill Finds

By Megan Wilson on Apr 28, 2017

Have you been opening up the garage, the attic, and cleaning out the mud room? We have been, too! Now is the perfect time to make donations to your local Goodwill for those items that no longer serve you and your home. If you’re looking for tips about what to get rid of, read this post here. If you want to discover the closet Goodwill to contribute your gently used items, use our store locator here.

If you’re ready to add some spring character to your home, we’ve compiled five ideas to create on a budget from your next Goodwill finds. If you’re working on a spring decor project, tag us in your completed photos on Instagram! Let’s dive in to some of the latest home decor trends you can bring to life in your own home…

Copper Accents

Copper is the metal of 2017. Placing metal accents throughout your home is an easy way to brighten up little corners of your living room, kitchen, bathroom and even bedroom. While you’re walking down the aisles of Goodwill, look for items that not only have copper in them, but ones that you could paint. Desk organizers can be spray painted copper to organize dishes in your kitchen. Vintage plates can be painted to hold keys by the door and rings on your dresser. Even tables can take on a metallic tone like this one featured on Small Town Rambler.

Tiny Gardens

Succulent and herb gardens have been taking over homes for the past year. The tinier the better. Think outside of the pot for your next home decor project. As you visit your favorite Goodwill, you. might pass a coffee cup that makes you smile.  If you don’t have room in your cabinets, turn the mug into a work of art featuring a small plant or cactus. Other small jars, bowls, and boxes can also be turned into pots for your indoor gardens. The funkier, the better. Don’t forget, you can always paint what you find to match with your room theme.

Chalk it Up

Adding art to your home doesn’t always mean it stays the same. A chalkboard is a great way to keep things creative and on trend. Many Goodwill stores carry chalkboards in the home section. Paint the frame to any color you’d like to update your living room or kitchen space. You can also turn an old picture frame into your own chalkboard. Have fun with the frame–perhaps it’s a vintage gold design or a distressed wood finish.  Find chalkboard paint for less than $15 at Target, Walmart or Lowe’s.

Mirror Mirror on the Table

There’s always one thing you’ll find plenty of at Goodwill–mirrors. Mirrors are an interior designer’s best kept secret. They make small spaces look much larger and add light to areas of the home that don’t usually have a lot. Large and small, mirrors come in all varieties, colors, and shapes. You don’t always have to add them to your walls. Turn a small mirror into a table scape. Layer the mirrors with candles, souvenirs from your last trip, or special containers for your most cherished jewelry.

Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s true, April showers do bring May flowers. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t roll out the red carpet for the rain. Above is a fun project you can create from umbrellas and floral arrangements you find at Goodwill. All you need is a hook, ribbon, and some hot glue to turn these ordinary items into a fun spring door decoration.


Looking for more DIY ideas? Read this post featuring five projects from Small Town Rambler on Sweet Sauce Blog.


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