Beach Wedding on a Budget

By Laura Faison on Mar 08, 2016

Who doesn’t love a good wedding?  They are full of dancing, friends, beauty, love and everyone having a good time.  The same cannot be said for the wedding planning process.  Anybody who has ever planned a wedding will tell you that getting to that special day is never as pleasant as they think it’s going to be.  It can be overwhelming, stressful, challenging and above all else, EXPENSIVE.

I had the great joy of helping a dear friend (and colleague) plan her wedding in August of 2015.  Being that we both work for Goodwill we felt it was the perfect place to start the hunt for her wedding needs.  I was quite surprised but in just TWO trips to stores I was able to pick up everything I needed to get for the ceremony and reception.  A little imagination and a little bit of time, Goodwill can help make the wedding planning process a little less expensive.  Take a look at the beautiful wedding and ceremony we were able to put together thanks to Goodwill.



Picture Frame: $4.99

Two Baskets: $1.99 Each

Buying chalkboard signs can be expensive at retail stores.  I found the cheapest picture and frame I could find at Goodwill that was the right size.  A can of chalkboard spray paint and voila! A great chalkboard sign.




Wedding 2 Wedding


Picture Frame: $2.99 Each

That can of spray paint I used above for the first frame?  I had plenty left for two more frames!






Glassware: $6.97 for three

Danielle and Brandon wanted to change tradition and instead of doing a unity candle ceremony they chose to do a sand ceremony.  I was able to get the glassware used for this ceremony for less than $7.00.  I added some lace and twine to make the main piece a little more special.




Instead of renting serving ware from a catering company I was able to purchase ALL the serving ware for the wedding…..are you ready? For less than $25.00.  I was able to find some really beautiful crystal and glass pieces for the reception.




Wedding 9



Lace Tablecloths: $7.96 for Four

Renting or buying tablecloths can be another very expensive item needed at almost every wedding.  While we did rent tablecloths for the cocktail tables we decided to look at Goodwill for lace tablecloths for the cake and present table as well fireplace décor.






Basket: $1.99

Letters: $1.99

What easier and inexpensive way to collect cards at your wedding.  A couple of holes punched in the letters and a little twine and done!







Votives: $.99 each.  (The purple votives are actually drinking glasses)

Flower Vases: $2.99 each         Burlap: $1.99

Large candle vases: $1.99 each       Lace: $1.99

In the center of the reception space was a beautiful fireplace.  We wanted to really make that the focal point of the room.  I was able to find everything in these pictures at Goodwill.







The wonderful couple, Danielle and Brandon









If you’ve ever wondered who is responsible for all the great blog posts, along with all the great marketing at Goodwill, well here you go!  The Goodwill Marketing & Communications Team





This wedding was different than any other wedding I’ve been blessed to plan.  Don’t get me wrong, it was stressful and overwhelming at times but the best part of planning this wedding was that I got to do it for my best friend.  I’m just lucky enough that we get to work together too.



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