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8 Great Ways to Thank the Workforce this Labor Day

By Laura Faison on Aug 23, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.30.27 PMHere are eight exciting ways to celebrate work, workers, employers and tomorrow’s workforce – today, Labor Day and every day.

1. Just say, “thank you.”

To a co-worker, boss, restaurant server or store clerk. Sometimes that’s all it takes, some kind words shared like you really mean it. Because you do.

2. Share a handshake. High-five. Fist bump.

You’re ready to take it up a notch. Sure, you’re taking a chance whenever you move in for an unanticipated high five, so be sure shout “High Five!” or “Up High” or anything to make sure you’re not left hanging.

3. Write a note.

Maybe you never truly said “thank you” when your boss took a chance on hiring you.
Or maybe you have a friend or family member stuck in a job search rut who needs some encouragement. Handwritten notes take a little time and effort – and they’re appreciated that much more. And be sure to remind your job seeker friends of the resources available at Goodwill.

4. Show your sweet side.

Everyone loves donuts, cupcakes and cookies, whether they’re consumed on break or during a Labor Day picnic. Veggie trays are OK, too. We guess.

5. Do something awesome. Anonymously.

Getting credit is overrated. And it’s nothing compared to that warm and fuzzy feeling when you pay for the coffee of the person behind you in the drive-thru line or drop off a box of ice pops for an overheated road construction crew.

6. Tip like you mean it.

In our best auctioneer’s voice: “Do we hear 15 percent What about 20%?! Come on, gimme 25%…how about 30%?! 35%!!! Going once, going…” Most in customer service depend on tips to make ends meet. Let’s help them.

7. Throw a party.

Yes, the traditional Labor Day cookout is a tasty way to celebrate work and a break from it.
But remember, not everyone gets Labor Day off . If you’re employing workers
scheduled for Sept. 5, why not surprise them with an ice cream or food truck during break time? Such an unexpected celebration is something your workforce will never forget.

8. Pay it forward.

Do you know folks who need a little lift to get into the workforce? Can you provide any tips, advice or even job referrals and introductions? Maybe you could proofread their resume or stage a mock job interview with them. This is the best way to thank someone who once stuck their head out for you, by keeping the cycle of kindness going. And that cycle can be completed by recommending a visit to one of Goodwill’s area Community Employment Centers, too.


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